Little Things to do to be Happy by Yourself

Going off to college was something that I was ecstatic for. I remember walking onto campus the first day as a wide-eyed Freshman with so many high expectations. I was not the biggest fan of high school to say the very least and I thought that changing the scenery around me would make me turn into this one magical  person that I have always dreamt of being. Someone who gets high grades, has the ability to make a ton of friends, and dress up making bold fashion statements. I pretty much pictured a person who was the exact opposite of me. (I am painfully shy and introverted). Haha. Someone who I thought was the ideal person to emulate. During my Freshman year none of those expectations happened. I felt sad constantly, not because I was homesick (although I did miss my family) , but the startling realization that I felt lonely and stressed all of the time due to schoolwork and my nonexistent social life. As my second year of college is coming half way to a close, I have realized so much and I have stopped trying to be or wishing that I was someone who I am not. It got too exhausting. So, I have decided to make a list of things that helped me cheer up when I felt low about myself in college. Even if you are not in college this list is still dedicated to those who are trying to love and appreciate who you really are and not what others say you should be.

Here it goes:

1. Wake up early in the morning and fix your bed.

  • This may seem like a burden at first and even a no brainer to some, but making your bed when you first get up gives you something to look  forward to because finishing a task first thing in the morning is starting your day off with success.

2. Allow yourself some “me” time in the mornings.

  • The day can get a bit hectic. It’s important in the morning to think about being in the present moment and all the things you want to accomplish. It would also be a wise time to write down all the things that you are grateful in your life.

3. Compliment Other People

  • I would recommend this especially to anyone who is shy. You can compliment your friend or a cashier working behind a cash register. Compliments make others  feel good about themselves and there is no better feeling than seeing that person smile with sheer joy because of what you told them. =)

4. Have  a good idea where you are going

  • In other words, practice good body posture. During the first year of college, I slumped my shoulders and walked slowly to class. I also carried around a heavy backpack with textbooks in it. I felt down and guilty all of the time. It also made me look stand-offish. This year it was important to change that. Have the destination in your head where you are going like a class or heading to get food and stand tall knowing that you are going to get there. Walk with big strides to take up space. It would be helpful to compliment yourself repeatedly to know that you are doing a good job getting rid of bad body language. Eventually you will not have to even think about it. 😉

5. Realizing You are Your Self’s Biggest Advocate

  • Growing up, my twin sister Stephanie and I were always quieter and more introverted than the other kids. If we went one way the majority would go the other way. In high school, I remember a group of boys that would call me a loser when the teacher gave us permission to talk and I instead would pull out my book. I would be on the verge of tears wondering what is wrong with me and why I can’t be more like them. I was protecting their viewpoint of me and not defending my own. In college, I realized how pathetic my thoughts were because I focused on all the negative things people called me as a kid because  I was quiet. I was giving everyone around me so much power and it made myself feel inferior and powerless for so long. Moreover, Always stand up for yourself even when you are feeling insecure. One day you will look back and be so proud for being your biggest fan. In life, we often fight our biggest battles alone. It’s time to start listening to the great things that you believe about yourself to be true and stop focusing on the statements of those who have never walked a mile in your shoes.

Hope you like this list and please comment if you want to add anything!

Have a lovely day!


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