Benefits of Having Indoor Plants in Your Living/ Workspace

Hello fellow Homo sapiens! Hope you are having a whimsical Sunday (or a day of utter relaxation)! Today I decided to write about indoor plants and all of the lovely benefits that come along with these natural beauties. I think it is important, especially in today’s world, to get in touch with the simple elegance of nature. Plants do not mummer words, profusely check their phones, or begin destructive wars. They are not known for pulling the trigger on a random Joe strolling down the street, or containing unleashed vengeance within them (or so I hope). Instead, they stand still and hold their ground, just surviving off of whatever nature provides them daily. Since we can’t be outside all of the time due to school, work, or whatever the reason, it’s important to start thinking about getting in touch with nature in a different way; Indoor plants sound like the best solution! (Pathetic attempt at sarcasm, instead sounded like an overbearing salesman) But in all seriousness, indoor plants really is the way to go.

One day I decided to peak my head in a market that I have never been in before, Trader Joe’s. Once I navigated through each isle stacked with organic foods and other goodies, I could not believe that I have missed out on such a wonderful place for the years I have been living on this dear planet. The inside of the store is a piece of art in itself. Everything seems to be rustic and natural. The one thing that stood out to me that instantly caught my attention was the wondrous plant isle. The flowers were screaming in bright magnetic colors and the leaves were a deep luscious green (most of them anyways). As I walked down the aisle my inner neurotic voice repeatedly kept telling me to buy just one. I finally gave in. I left the store with three plants in my new hipster Trader Joe’s paper bag. Not too shabby. As I went back to my dorm room I set them up on top of my desk and it was pure beauty.

IMG_2261             image

Even watering the precious plants after a stressful day seemed to calm my racing mind. While watering the plants, I always felt the corner of my lips rising upwards as I observed the water mysteriously sink into the soil. I did a little bit of research on how to keep indoor plants nourished. Instead, I encountered articles that stated and described the benefits of having indoor plants. The information was fascinating and made me feel proud of my organic purchases. So from these articles, I gathered information and decided to make a list of the benefits of placing indoor plants in your living and/or workspace. This is something so many people in today’s world can benefit from. Just a little something to think about! Enjoy!

IMG_2257           image

Benefits of having Indoor Plants in Living and Workspace

  1. Studies show that tasks performed with the influence of plants around you will improve the accuracy of the work you are working on.
  2. The presence of plants improves memory and concentration.
  3. You have a higher chance of producing higher quality work than working in an environment without plants.
  4. Plants are known for stimulating the senses and the mind which improves mental cognition and performance.
  5. Flowers can heavily reduce stress.
  6. Studies show that when people care for their plants, it decreases stress because they can relieve their frustrations out on the action of watering their plant.
  7. Plants fight pollutions indoors.
  8. Plants increase feelings of calmness and optimism.

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